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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 9, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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glen lapp is being remembered as a person of faith. mike hellgren has more on his late-day thunderstorm. it's a small chance. but it's there. murder and this tragedy being felt from afghanistan to america. >> reporter: glen lapp was just a few weeks away from coming home. 94 and 89. we're dropping a little bit. those who knew him say he was a good guy who had a desire to 87 on friday. 88 on side saturday. but should dry out a little by make others' lives better. the weekend. kai? a sneak peek at the choice >> glen lapp died doing what he awards. loved, helping others. samantha harris has more. >> reporter: coming up on >> we toaght told both of our entertainment tonight. surprises at the teen choice daughters that basically, glen 2010 awards. our kevin frazier was there. was in the wrong place at the wrong time. as we get something to cheer >> reporter: mourners sent about. flowers in his memory. >> that would just sum him up. >> sandra bullock, and betty help, help, help, help. white getting low before a what can i do to help? and to think that he was going packed audience. >> we thank you. and we're so lucky that us old to come home in october ladies got to come to the teen afternoon, i think, reupping choice awards. there. thank you so much. and just wanting to give, give, give, and help out. [ inaudible ] >> i love her. >> reporter: the loss of glen >> it's been a while since i and his colleagues is not only was a teen. a loss for the people in
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afghanistan, but for all of us >> how was it tonight? in the global health community. >> it's amazing. >> katie perry, co-hosting the lapp volunteered on a mission, awards, airing tonight on fox. sharing the stage with the guys the partner of a mennonite group in pennsylvania. from "glee" and fulfilling all >> people knew him as a caring of their high school fantasies, cheerleaders. person. >> the taliban is has taken >> be aggressive, b-e responsibility, saying they aggressive. killed lapp's team in part for >> and will matthew morris shave his head for an upcoming preaching christianity. episode for a britney spears >> the taliban has called this song? >> very soon, you'll know what it's like to rock this kind of group spies and proslittizers. dome, right? >> i don't know what you're talking about. i was going to say, we both they were no such thing. have pretty long eyelashes. >> this was hard for any of us >> and wait until you see the to grasp. especially because of who glen stars of the twilight movie. and the countdown to the was. >> friend jerry walker asked us emmys is on. >> don't miss entertainment not to show her face. tonight, coming up at 7:30 on because she was so grief wjz 13. still to come. stricken. >> they didn't talk about their an energy -- energized orioles faith. team celebrates victory. they lived their faith. mark has a live report from >> reporter: one of lapp's the ballpark next in sports. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon?
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nursing structors at johns hop -- instructors at johns hopkins called him one of the kindest students she had ever known. try the subway steak & bacon melt. and she said he made the world and build your better breakfast a richer place. >> reporter: and lapp also with the new steak and bacon muffin melt with, oh yeah, bacon. volunteered during hurricanes crank up the flavor at subway. katrina and rita. an update on another international story, with ties ties to -- ties to maryland. another teen wounded. >> reporter: emily kerstetter is recovering from her 11th surgery tonight. the 16-year-old from howard county was seriously wounded while doing missionary work in nigerria last month. she is being treated in south africa, and her recovery could take several more months. she was injured at a bombing at a restaurant. as hundreds watched the world cup. more than 70 people were ♪ [ female announcer ] you choose the cutest outfits. killed. >> reporter: kersteter faces a which free detergent are you washing them in? long and costly recovery. switch to tide free & gentle. her family friends have established several funds to help out. no other free detergent is milder on skin. you can get to them by going to and unlike the leading free detergent,
6:03 pm and click on links and tide free & gentle removes more residue numbers. a clerk doing his job at a from dirt, food, and stains. so you can be confident about every outfit you put her in, 7-eleven convenience store is shot to death. even the ones she chooses. tonight, police are searching to find his killers. tide free & gentle. style is an option. clean is not. derek valcourt has more on the tide free for coldwater also available. victim in this senseless crime. >> reporter: police tell us that that victim was turning to run away when he was shot in the back. tonight, they say their best piece of evidence comes from the store's surveillance video cameras, which capture the entire video and robbery and murder. >> reporter: the crime scene tape to shield the crime scene. where the 47-year-old store clerk and father of two children, was gunned down. >> reporter: police were called to the store in the 7700 block of baltimore annapolis boulevard, around 3:30 in the morning. surveillance camera video inside shows three men entered the store and demanded money. >> at a certain point, the
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actual employee, store clerk, attempted to flee for safety. that's when he was subsequently shot by one of these suspects. >> reporter: police say the armed robbers were last seen running north on north boulevard. >> it's kind of shocking. all they needed was money. they didn't need to kill anybody. >> reporter: bob hannah owns the store in what he calls a usually safe neighborhood. >> the young lady who works with me, she's here sometimes by herself. it's kind of scary. >> i think we're all in shock. >> reporter: he owns the nearby gas station. though his store has late-night security windows, his employees are still shaken by news of the murder. >> if some somebody comes in, you just give up. it's not worth losing your life for $20 or $30. >> reporter: the 7-eleven offering a $15,000 reward for information that helps lead to an arrest and conviction of those three robbers. we're live in glen burnie. all right. great news from the ballpark today. der being valcourt -- derek hello, mark. >> so far it has been. valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. new energy with the new
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>> anyone with information can manager. call anne arundel county police. or you can remain anonymous by buck showalter's birds are 5-1, since he took over as manager one week ago. calling metro crimestoppers. and they go for their third win the number is there on your screen. here at orioles park. tonight, the metro system is asking for guidance from the at the end of their home stand. national transportation safety among the few good stories here board about safety improvements. the two agencies are meeting to is the milestone met by cesar discuss the final report into torres. june of last year. that single in the second inning. deadly metro rail crash on the 1,000 hits of his career. red line in washington. nine people were killed. the home crowd gave him a investigators found that a standing ovation. a quiet guy who has been a faulty electronic circuit caused the crash. steady contributor. he appreciates his milestone moment. >> we've got that here. but metro's ineffective safety site were contributing factors. it's something special. it happened in an instant. for me. three people were recovering and that moment right there was something that you look for. after an out-of-control car plows into them. and they take a break from a and all you do. got the 500 hit. bike ride. first hit. and a thousand hits. adam may speaks exclusively today is one of those special with one of the survivors. >> reporter: the father of that days for me. >> that was a nice moment. family was just released from all of those guys in the the hospital. in an exclusive interview with dugout. wjz, he tells me it's a mir and it's a tremendous accomplishment for him. and he's going to keep going. being -- mir miracle his family
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is arrive. >> reporter: and this reminder, >> what do you remember about in case you missed it earlier the accident? >> nothing. >> he is recovering from an in my newscast. my one-on-one interview with unbelievable accident that buck showalter. almost killed his entire orioles-white sox coming up in family. >> i woke up and the shock trauma unit. 15 minutes. see it on masn hd. like okay. what happens here. i was in westminster earlier today for another day where is my family. >> reporter: earlier sunday, of ravens camp. the purple birds now in their they were riding their bikes. third week of workouts. when they stopped for a drink and are now three days away of water, they veered west. from their first preseason the father was hit from behind game. defensive back chris car missed thrown into the woods. >> didn't hear and screeching another practice today. hobbled by a sore hamstring. tires. nothing. >> flying debris broke bones at carr says he is sorry about the his wife suzanne and knocked injuries. you about feel -- but feels bad one of his 4-year-old twins to about the workouts. the ground. >> he also has lacerations on >> you know, you hold your the head. and people want to check out and make sure that he is breath. and you pray. nothing more serious. >> reporter: police say the as far as the big injury. because there's nothing you can do about that. so hopefully we'll get through driver, 62-year-old ramona it. we'll get out to the game. colatoa died after her car flipped more than 100 feet off if we can get out to it injury- the road. >> we're looking into the possibility that fatigue played free, that's also a game also. a factor into the part of the hopefully we can do that. driver. >> why is that? >> ravens kick off the season >> we understand she was thursday night at home. wjz is your home for all of the working the evening shift, action.
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coming back from work after special live coverage at the late hours. ravens-carolina panthers game, >> gotta be glad to be alive. begins at 7:30, here on wjz 13. but it's just a lot of pain. and it will take me sometime to the nfl preseason get over that. >> they just moved here from officially kickeduf -- kicked off with the hall of fame game. austria a few years ago. they tell me they love living cincinnati and ohio with the in laurel. especially the bike paths in this area. and they say this freak accident won't change their debut of the home. routine. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. carson palmer. >> adam, thank you. and a game in which the the mother and son are still being treated at johns hopkins. starters played very little. a water main break is causing more problems than one dallas over cinci, 16-11 in -- eastern baltimore county community. sky eye chopper 13 is over old preseason opener. saints got their day at the house today. eastern avenue. a connector between a 48-inch quarterback drew brees with the president. main and a 12-inch pipe has president obama. been broken, sending water the team brought in a cajun streaming into the road. water in the area had to be shut off for repairs to be flavor to the event. made. about 10,000 homes and businesses may be impacted by literally. saints players served jumbalaya this break. and cajun shrimp to the press a generous donation to corps. saints will play in baltimore baltimore means that druid hill in december. and the president reminded the park pool will remain open. saints as much as he appreciates their
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grants donated $95,000 for the accomplishment, he is a white sox fan. >> let's hope there are pool to remain open labor day. highlili,, all outdoor city pools closed for the season yesterday. admission to druid hill pool will remain at $1.50 for a two- hour swimming session. and a nice dip in the pool would feel great on a hot, humid day like today. a live look outside. will things continue to heat up as the week goes on. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk will update us. as hot as it has been this summer. and it's going to continue to be hot this week. let's take a look at radar. around here, it's quiet. just a few puffy clouds here and there. but to our north, a lot of thunderstorm activity, across the detroit area, around buffalo. all of that is headed off to the east. eventually, some of that will reach into our region. probably best chance, wednesday. even better chance here on thursday. and it remains on the high side. 89 degrees. bernadette woods has a look at
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the tuesday forecast. that storm track will remain to the north again tomorrow. and as it does, that's where most of the thunderstorms will be. south of that, that's where the heat is going to build. we're going into 90s across the entire region. and some cases, upper 90s. when you factor in the higher humidity, it's going to feel closer to 100 to 105. that's not just for tomorrow. that's also for wednesday. but this isn't going to last the entire week. we'll have that forecast coming up. now back inside. bernadette. thank you. we have breaking news to report to you now. an accident is causing problems on interstate 95. let's go to captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. hi, mike. >> hello, kai. we are southbound i-95, between caton avenue. and 695 on the southwest side of the city. where a two-vehicle collision, well, you sure are smiling. causing one truck to leave the i just heard about our new low fares. roadway and go into a wooded how low are they? they're really low. area. how are they gonna get any lower than our regular fares? initially, this was caused as a our regular fares are already so low. we should ask bobby. personal injury accident. hey, bobby, how low can our fares go? fortunately, nobody seriously injured. but as you can see, the i don't know. low? responding fire apparatus do low, low?
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have at least two lanes closed ♪ as you get into the baltimore [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines beltway on the innerloop. from bwi airport to florida if you can expect inner delays. for only $89 one-way. i know one thing... those low fares won't last long. through here. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. looks like this will be cleaned [ ding ] up here. but fortunately, all of the vehicles will be off the road here. back to you on tv hill. renewed hope for orioles fans. just one week with buck showalter as manager. the birds have won five out of six games with their new skipper. so who is buck showalter? and why does he think he's the man to make the o's a winner? sports director mark viviano had a chance to sit down exclusively with the orioles' new manager. >> reporter: buck showalter has a resume of success. and a keen eye for detail. just a couple of the qualities that the orioles hopes translate to success on the field. we'll be back at 11:00. >> reporter: swung and miss. i'm kai jackson. >> and for bob and mark, i'm fast ball from bryce.
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>> reporter: season after denise koch. season. >> it really does defy belief. there's much >> reporter: for more than a decade. >> roberts dropped the ball. >> the orioles suffer loss after loss. >> couric: tonight, the pentagon prepares for a new >> he trips over third base. battle, this one with congress >> reporter: a revolving door as the defense secretary of managers and players. announces major cuts in spending can't help them break a culture and jobs. of losing. >> it's just not the way you play the game. >> reporter: now they're i'm katie couric. also tonight, the massacre in pinning their hopes on a new manager. afghanistan. this man. remembering aid workers who buck showalter. cared more about the health of but can he succeed where so afghans than their own safety. many have failed? and restore the orioles to the mystery of alzheimer's. can a new test help predict respect alt? >> i got -- respectability? whether you're likely to get the >> i got a grip on reality. disease? and tonight's special? but also, why not us? it's been everybody else. a little comfort food. >> how can you keep feeding >> showalter has proven his these kids? >> i cannot stop. winnie way -- winning ways. and building an expansion team in arizona. he called that the most captioning sponsored by cbs difficult job he's ever had. until now. from cbs news world >> what could be harder than 13 headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. years of losing in the american league east? that's hard to change that. >> oh, i got it. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the u.s. military is launching a new attack on a familiar enemy--
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i'm not naive. >> i think you take the job fat in the budget. because a lot of people think the secretary of defense it can't be done. announced plans to cut $100 and i want to move forward. billion out of it over the next >> buck showalter might come five years. the budget is now about $750 across as easy going. billion a year. >> once they start keeping score, be ready to fight. >> if they don't have our jersey on, it's game on. >> reporter: he dishes it out. and he can take it. showalter knows this is a cough job but hopes his brand of leadership brings back oriole magic. >> he told me a long time ago. leadership when it comes down to it is defining reality. and if you defy enough reality, you're going to make people happy. >> i've got good reason for everything i do. it's not one of these, here's what i'm going to do. i got reasons. >> it's not about us as coaches or managers or whatever. it's about coaches and players on the field. what makes them want to be committed. don't need to be wearing the
6:13 pm
oriole uniform if you're not ready to compete. >> can you share with us? >> we have a passion. and some of the players, there's so much you want to take. you going to take it sitting down? or are you going to fight? >> reporter: well, showalter's salary has been reported at $1.5 million for each of the three seasons after this year. showalter tells me he's never been motivated by money. and he would gladly live in a trailer here. but added, his family probably wouldn't be so keen on that idea. >> probably wouldn't, mark. but i like how he thinks. >> we'll see how it goes. interesting. >> and we like what he's doing. >> we do like what he's saying. he's a no nonsense guy. still to come tonight. manhunt. violent criminals, escape from federal custody. and they may have already killed again. safeguarding your shopping experience. i'm pat warren, in towson.
6:14 pm
coming up on eyewitness news. what you want to know about the latest security surveillance in baltimore county. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, an island of change. maybe. that story as eyewitness news continues. and heating back up. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,
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well, you sure are smiling. i just heard about our new low fares. how low are they? they're really low. how are they gonna get any lower than our regular fares? our regular fares are already so low. we should ask bobby. hey, bobby, how low can our fares go? i don't know. low? low, low? ♪ [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to florida for only $89 one-way. i know one thing... those low fares won't last long. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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name some[ bell dings ]ful. microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announcer ] now there's red baron pizza by the slice. unbelievably good pizza from the microwave. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. a drop in crime shopping centers. but have installed
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surveillance. political reporter pat warren explains, the cameras are the result of a shocking murder. >> respected educator, william bassett, shot and killed during an attempt at a parking garage. >> my wife shops at that mall. and it could have happened to any of us. it kind-a personal tone of grief for me, as well as in general, that i think everyone felt about it. >> reporter: in response to the 2005 killing, councilman kevin led baltimore county council to require shopping centers with more than 15 stores to install security cameras in their parking lot. ina lebeau shops in the county. >> of course you don't hear anything about it at the mall. my daughter works at nordstrom. and she would know about things that the general public didn't hear about. >> reporter: that opinion is backed up by the report released by councilman cam nit today.
6:18 pm
robbery and assault down 37%. auto theft down 31%. >> i think it's good protection for people, especially women. >> reporter: initial resistance to the cameras has evidently faded. >> that actually has been the most refreshing aspect of this, where we advance a new concept that we had to do by law. because we had to do it voluntarily. but once we introduced the concept, people got on board and said, yes, this is a great idea. >> reporter: but cameras aren't the only great idea. >> i personally am on a level that doesn't go into the stores. >> reporter: cameras or no cameras, shoppers are still cautioned to be aware of their surroundings at all times. reporting from towson, i'm pat warren, wjz. >> violent crime is down 15% county wide. it has been a long time since baltimore's inner harbor had wet lands. and it would take a long time to bring them back. but alex demetrick reports, the first step in that journey may
6:19 pm
have just been taken. >> reporter: there's something new under the sun near baltimore's world trade center. a handful of small, bobbing islands in the inner harbor. each island, rooting mash grasses. a top raft. made from recycled bottles. >> it's a demonstration project. we want to see how they work. we want to see what effects they have. >> reporter: the effects the project is after, are the same ones wetlands provide in the wild. a critical buffer that once ring the chesapeake and the inner harbor. a habitat a lot easier to destroy than it is to grow back. >> we'll be planting about 2,000 of these today. >> reporter: they involve groups as varied as school kids to prison inmates. this one will buffer a new development. >> a wetland at the edge of the site to try to absorb runoff as it comes off the site. coming off that water, before it goes into the site in the harbor. >> reporter: it makes runoff
6:20 pm
especially difficult to filter. and there is no soft ground on the inner harbor to plant. so the concept of floating wetlands is, well, being floated. >> if the islands work, the goal is to ring the inner harbor with greenery. and push the effort inland from there. >> reporter: that's exactly what this demonstration project is about. to spark interest, to create a conversation with the public about the water. and water quality and what they can do to help. >> reporter: to make the inner harbor home to many people. less than 24 hours after being installed, lieutenants have already been moving in. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the waterfront partnership's main goal is an ambitious one. the group hopes to make the inner harbor safe for fishing and swimming in just 10 years. >> and people can help by keeping their trash out of the harbor. >> watch what goes down your drain, too. >> you can see the storm drains. this goes into the bay. >> let's take a look at temps now. a warm, humid afternoon. compared to what we had this weekend. 89 now.
6:21 pm
dew point at 69. humidity, 51%. south winds at 9. barometer holding steady. we'll come back and take a look at a couple of very hot and humid days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. another day.
6:24 pm
good day to swim. >> we were up to 93. way above our average. average now about 86, 87. as we head toward august. temperatures start falling down. because the days are getting shorter. in a couple of weeks, it will get even shorter. so far this summer has been pretty pretty hot. a lot of sunshine. down after a high of only 93, we're down to 89. the dew points back down a little bit to 69. 82 in oakland. 95, the hot spot in cumberland. 82 in ocean city. high dew points feel more like 94 out there. feels like 95. east bay did drop 96. and 97 in cumberland. tomorrow, i think most areas will be between 96, 97.
6:25 pm
and low 100s. high temperatures, mid-100s. we have a bit of a breeze continuing now to the south and southeast tomorrow. it shifts a little more to the west and southwest. and continues to bring in warm conditions. areas of showers and storms continue over iowa, wisconsin, northern illinois. tonight. and heavy showers here in the gulf of mexico. we have to watch this. this little area of low pressure may develop. right now, showers primarily between florida and cuba and the straits there. as it heads out pretty much to the west. this is moving across the great lakes. frontal system associated with it. best chance will come on thursday. other temperatures begin to fall down at least below the 90 mark. probably in the mid- to upper 80s. in the meantime, this high pressure continues to dominate, which means winds continue to bring in the hot, humid conditions. this warm front may kick up a
6:26 pm
shower wednesday. and a front behind that will probably bring us showers on thursday. maybe even friday as well. south winds on the bay. 10 knots. 82 degrees. tonight, a warm and muggy night. probably few upper 60s. coolest suburban areas. mid70s in the city. and tomorrow, back up in the mid-90s. well above normal. normal highs around 86. and tomorrow, 96. 10 degrees above normal. record tomorrow is 100. won't get that hot. but slight chance, very slight chance of a pop-up shower. mainly i think in the mountains. better chance wednesday and thursday. it begins to cool down once again. >> what a summer. thank you, bob. still ahead at 6:00. sealing the well for good. crews take the final step to end the oil spill. but there are still many challenges ahead. a new campaign launched here in baltimore. city. to keep infants safe and educate mothers and caretakers. i'm jessica kartalija, that story next on wjz.
6:27 pm
baltimore police are investigating another case of animal cruelty. this time, involving a small dog. i'm weijia jiang next. what the suspect is charged what the suspect is charged with, and how police say hehe,,
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
it is partly sunny. welcome to wjz. manhunt. candice gibson reports. one is back in custody. but another inmate and accomplice are still on the loose. and may have killed another couple in new mexico. escaped killer tracy province was found. he was carrying a 9-millimeter handgun and a hitch hiking sign with the city "casper" written on it. >> he was taken into custody.
6:31 pm
and he was relieved that this long manhunt was finally over for him. >> two others escaped from a prison in arizona last month. u.s. marshals say one of their girlfriends helped them break out. the search identified over the weekend after the murders of an elderly couple was linked to the fugitive. another escapee was captured over the weekend. now, the hunt is on to track down john mcclusky and his girlfriend, katherine welch. >> we have learned that mcclusky and his business partner, who helped break him out of jail, consider themselves "bonnie and clyde." they have joked about it. and i think they have taken on the persona that this is some type of movie. and some type of joke that they are living. but it is not. >> reporter: u.s. marshals have alerted canadian authorities. and have mobilized hundreds of law enforcement officials to try to capture the couple before anyone else is killed. kendis gibson, cbs news. >> each of the suspects was
6:32 pm
serving a minimum of 15 years in prison for their crimes. an investigation is under way tonight, into the cause of a fire in hamden. -- hampden. a man passing by ran into that house and helped rescue an adult woman. he suffered some burns and cuts, but is being hailed a hero tonight. firefighters rescued a second woman from the house. both women are in serious condition. baltimore police are investigating another case of animal cruelty. this time, involving a small dog. weijia jiang has more on what happened and the man now facing charges. >> reporter: 48-year-old derrick chambers faces animal cruelty charges after police say he beat his miniature pincher with a baseball bat. >> brocken -- broken right front leg, his ribs were shattered, his teeth were missing. >> reporter: when officers
6:33 pm
showed up, they found the dog tied up in the back of the truck. they say the minnesota died less than an hour later. one neighbor who saw the dog calls it horrifying. >> he was bleeding there the head -- from the head and had a limp. his right paw and leg were broken. >> reporter: police say that the owner said the dog became unruly and tried to have intercourse with his cat. and also nipped him in the finger. >> a fit of rage. >> reporter: a fit of rage in baltimore all too familiarity. -- familiar. the city accept setup a task force. police say recently, dogs have been attacked with machetes. and beaten to death with sticks and rocks. >> we really need to step up and try to stop this. >> we haven't been doing enough to stop this problem. and we can do better. and must do better. >> animals say they'll see cases just like this, at least once a week. >> here in court, in september. animal control officers say it
6:34 pm
was critical someone called for help. they urge everyone to do the same if they witness any abuse. back to you. >> thank you, weijia. the anti-animal cruelty report turns in a task force with recommendations to the council to fight back. also tonight, the prince george's county sheriff's deputy shot and killed a dog that jumped at him. it happened at a forest heights home. as deputies entered the home, the adult rot rottweiler charged the home. he is on routine administrative duty as the incident is investigate the. investigated. baltimore city has one of the highest infant mortality rates. jessica kartalija reports, one woman hopes her story will inspire others to be more careful. >> this is the day we brought him home. and this is his first at home. >> reporter: the tragic death
6:35 pm
of her infant has led to ria matthews telling her story. >> when they said he passed away -- i woke up that morning. and i happened to look over and see that he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: four days after christmas, matthew's son, charlie's heart stopped beating. he was one month old. >> i want mothers to know that first off, this is real. [ inaudible ] it was a lifetime really. >> my mom is deara. i live in the northern part of baltimore. >> reporter: they are part of a city wide campaign to reduce the number of infant deaths and promote healthy families. >> you know, last year in the city of baltimore, 27 babies died under the age. 1, from sleeping unsafely. >> i have one daughter. she's 12 years old. >> the videos were run in conjunction with radio and print ads, like this one of dur ria at a bus stop. >> we want to get the message out, city wide. that's why we're really looking
6:36 pm
at a city wide campaign to focus on anyone who would care for an infantsd. >> r -- infant. >> reporter: this bracelet is a reminder of the baby she lost. matthews now hopes her tragic story teaches other mothers to be more careful. >> you can significantly reduce the risk of your baby dying if they sleep in the right crib and in the right way. >> this is supported by the city health department and the family league of baltimore. >> the city health department says infant deaths are most prevalent among african american babies. a local organic farmer talks about the benefits and challenges of running a farm. what one woman did to get her money back after her dog ate $250. and a local gymnast will finally get their bronze medal,
6:37 pm
10 years later. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. the maryland lottery unveils a new ravens season. scene scratchoff. a team unveiled the ticket at training camp. the scratchoffs feature three, $1 million instant prizes. you can also register online to win tickets in ravens for life in other team prizes. the ravens' first preseason game is thursday. you can see that here live on wjz. our special live coverage begins at 7:30, thursday, august 12th, here on wjz 13. summer is winding down. >> it is. still to come. consumer alert. a major recall, involving tens of thousands of popular honda models. war crime contradiction. what actions mia farrell is now saying about model naomi campbell's testimony about a crisis in one african nation.
6:38 pm
i'm bob turk. in the first warning weather center. we'll look at the hot and humid weather conditions headed our way. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates and all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,, now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess. (announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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an investigation of war crimes take a twist. actress mia farrell takes the stand. she testified about the possible trade of blood diamonds. but her account contradicts naomi campbell's. campbell said she was given several small stones, from men she didn't know. campbell donated the diamond tols nelson mandela's charity, who then turned them over to police. taylor denies involvement in the trade. randall pinkston has the latest for wjz. these rigs are working to shut down b p's blownout well for good by the end of the week. they are drilling the final section. relief well that will kill the broken well from the bottom. >> they're closing in on the
6:42 pm
last 30 to 40 feet at this point. >> it has the potential. >> but teams are not worried about more oil leaking into the gulf. so little oil now floats in the water. now, bp recovers this past week. still, tar balls and sheen are surfacing in the bernard parish. reminding residents, this disaster is far from over. >> we'll wind up being in the top page soon. but just like with hurricane katrina, the long-term recovery will be with us for years to come. >> president obama is trying to ease the fears. >> with the ongoing reopening of gulf fisheries, we're excited that fishermen can go back to work and americans can
6:43 pm
safely enjoy this again. >> these are here. >> the president will try to boost confidence and promote gulf coast tourism when he takes the first family to panama. more relief may be in sight. still, bp and the justice department says they have finalized how the relief fund will work. and bp made its first deposit. honda recalls some of its popular models. honda says the keys can be removed without the vehicle being parked. the most recent one involves the models. it could allow the vehicle to roll away and increases the risk of crash. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news.
6:44 pm
the pension squeeze. how can states afford to pay government workers the pensions they have been promised, without going broke? plus, he feeds at restaurants. but more importantly, five days a week, boys and girls who can't. that's assignment america. only on the cbs evening news. only here on wjz 13, baltimore. kai and denise, back to you. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,, 1
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let's get a look at the five-day forecast. bernadette woods has more on what we can expect tomorrow. tomorrow, it's going to get. as woo head through the afternoon. we are going up to 96. and heat index will make it feel more like 100 to 105. now, a slight chance for a
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